Born on May 8th, 1996 Aaron Michael Lewis known by his stage name Astralakt is the son of Michael E Lewis and Anna L Tyson. Astralakt is an experimental multi-styled music producer, musician, DJ, and visual artist from Northern California. At the age of six his parents divorced and he left with his mom and sister taking with him his dad's drum set and Ensoniq SQ1 Plus keyboard both of which he learned how to play at the age of four.

"I got a lot of knowledge from my dad as far as playing instruments since he is a drummer in a well known metal band (hel star), but if it wasn't for my mom exposing me to a wide range of  music on a daily then my mind would not be as open as it is today and I would not hear a lot of the sounds I hear in my head on a daily basis", says Astralakt.

In 2004 at the age of eight while attending the boys and girls club in South City, Ca Astralakt attended his first music workshop where he first learned how to structure beats using Sony Acid Screenblast 4.0. The following year in 2005 his dad sent him an M-audio key station midi controller and a custom PC that included Propellerheads Reason 1.0, Rebirth and Recycle and that is when it all began. Once again eager to learn more in the music production world at the age of eleven, Astralakt attended an after school computer class where he was exposed to FL Studio 7. For the next four years, he worked on his craft while promoting music he produced on Myspace and finally at the age of fifteen he got his first minor radio placement with a local bay area artist and moved to Houston, Texas where his father was living due to neighbor complaints and bad grades. Astralakt was rarely allowed outside which completely contradicted the way he grew up. Bored with lots of time he began developing, selling, and distributing complete songs and tracks for artists of all genres, sounds used for music production, and networking & marketing via Soundclick, Facebook, and YouTube under a different name where he earned roughly $2000 the first two weeks and for the first time had a source of income of any kind. In the spring of 2012, Astralakt moved back to the California and joined Project Level a non-profit music and marketing school for youth where he advised teen students to help develop their musical skills, provided instruction on using a DAW, and helped organize public student events for high school credits. This also gave him access to a room where he would set up his other music studio outside of his bedroom to run sessions which propelled him towards a career in music production. In the fall of 2012 at the age of sixteen Astralakt signed with The League Of Stars a production label in Los Angeles where he became a member of their production team through April 2013. Through The League Of Stars he produced a track for Wiz Khalifa on the album called Cabin Fever 2. The song was called "I'm Feelin". Astralakt continued to get placements through The League Of Stars as well as the Front Office Media Group which was his management company at the time while he continued to search for a sound that his fans would know him for. In 2013, he found himself creating more outside of the box beats and became more focused on originality rather than what was selling on the radio. The labels, fans, and even friends of the young producer didn't like this shift, however, it was a shift that he greatly desired and embraced.


"I'm glad that I decided to be myself in public for the first time sonically even with how things turned out because, a it showed me who my real ones are, b it lead me on a path that further developed my skilled and abilities into something it never could have been had I stayed in the box they wanted to keep me in, and c I've found my own unique touch and can now express myself freely to people who can appreciate my sounds", says Astralakt.

Under a different name, Astralakt has produced for major artists, performers and worked with major companies and labels such as Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Chevy Woods, The Jabbawockeez, Machine Gun Kelly, Devin Miles, IAMSU, Problem, The Music Collective, Atlantic Records, Universal Records, Interscope Records, and more as well as buzzing and label interested or based up and comers in Los Angeles, Ca. Since 2014, he is living in Joshua Tree, Ca and working on his solo projects, throwing electronic music events, working as a sound designer and content creator for Unfiltered Audio, doing freelance graphic design work, running a record label and working at his mom's business downtown Joshua Tree called Desert Rebel.

"I just want to take sound from my heart, soul, and imagination and release it to the people that naturally connect to creativity and originality. I don't want to be boxed in with what is hot or what everyone else is doing", says Astralakt


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"B R E A T H E" is a single that features a visual experience. Carrying the usual essence of brutality in it's sonic structure while also being highly emotional.

"S l e e p" is a single that features a short visual experience. Here you will find brutal beats, humanoid shape-shifters, dynamic and time portals through which our main character travels.



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