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Leyla’s work says FUK genre with an otherworldly alien soundscape: giant vocals over tribal techno rhythms. Their live show brings the Big Beat, pulling the audience into a strange new realm of outsider alien pop. It’s like the frenetic presence of MIA meets the performance art of Laurie Anderson.

Now camped in Boulder, Colorado, Leyla's music & visual art has been featured in venues, museums, film festivals, and print publications internationally, including Fondazione Prada Milan, Burning Man, New Museum/Ideas City, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Wooster Collective/Taschen, MIT Press, and many more. Recent performances include Eminent Domain in NYC and an opening set for Adult Swim’s David Liebe Hart.

Total Total Surrender Surrender



A diy bedroom based label in Joshua Tree, Ca welcoming all forms of electronic music or experimental sound.

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