*Upcoming* "S l e e p" by Astralakt [Artist Q+A]

Astralakt, an american bass music producer and visual artist is going live with an audio/visual project titled "S l e e p" on 02.20.20. Featuring brutal beats and warped humanoid shape-shifters, abstract electronic sounds and portals that teleport you through time and into other dimensions. This 5 minute experience could potentially be what's required for a particular person, so that they may come face to face with the perspective of another side of reality and spark the infinitely priced question in their mind; what is real?

Having done a lot of work in the music industry, Astralakt has earned his stripes in the game and is ready to change his world. From ages fifteen to nineteen, Astralakt, under a different name was in the field; living in LA and putting in work including but not limited to landing placements with Grammy award winning artists Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Snoop Dogg, IAMSU, Problem,and more. Not only this, the young artist was on a quest of finding his own sense of self in life and with music. He's spent the last 5 years in the studio shaping, shifting, crafting, exploring and expanding his sound and has been dedicated to being himself at all times even if this meant losing a contact or two.

Today, he finally feels he has a good foundation to build on. He has set the tone for what's coming with songs like "M e s s a g e", a six minute sonic journey that features formant-shifted vocals singing over droning synths and ambient tones just before the 1:40 mark where things get brutal. Or "RAW IN MY ELEMENT", a more underground track by him that wasn't really promoted but in our opinion goes CRAZY!

We've had a chance to chat with Astralakt. Being that he is the founder of this label, we were extremely excited to hit him with a few questions regarding his upcoming project and see what he had to say about it.

Q: Where did your inspiration for the visual aspect of "S l e e p" come from?

So I have these chapter dreams. And in these dreams it's always like a second home. There's always a lot of activity in these dreams and I experience a lot in them nightly. Even things such as passing away or entering a familiar portal that's kind of like steps or sometimes an elevator that I take down just before I wake up. The visuals for S l e e p are kind of like a recording that's more about the feeling than what's actually happening. I also was inspired by experimentation in the animation software. I've dabbled with cinema 4d for years but never really took it seriously until recently when I was inspired by an artist named LEViT∆TE who like me makes music but also creates these simulations that are just out of this world. Then I recently combined my the little bits of pieces of things I knew in cinema 4d and sat down and created "b r e a t h e". So my knowledge is very minimal which keeps things interesting. I'm always learning a new trick or two. And for instance with S l e e p, all of the warped humanoid creatures were made using one single tiny trick and these creatures take up a lot of the visual space in the project. Learning how to make objects collide was another inch that went a mile in this project. You can create these complex glitches and weird morphing or complex geometric structures if you use it a certain way and your routing is on point. It's very inspiring because you can take something simple and just fuck with it until it becomes broken or corrupt and create some pretty cool shit in ways that no one would really think to do. And in cinema 4d, there's like an endless amount of little things that can be misused, abused, and completely mangled. I never know what I will do next so it keeps the fire burning for sure!

Q: How does it feel now that it's all done and ready to be released?

Honestly, it feels great! Completing a project usually does, or should at least in my opinion. I spend pretty much every hour minus smoke breaks of my waking life in front of my computer. When I start a project, I work on it obsessively. So after weeks of nonstop animating, rendering, editing, etc, coming out of it and being able to watch the whole thing without stopping to edit or fix an error, it feels like I'm flying. Because this is something I've always wanted to do alongside my music. I've been talking about it since 2014. Now I'm doing it and I get to see that with my own eyes. It just really makes me think that anyone can do anything if they just focus and do the work. Because "B r e a t h e" was the first actual visual project longer than like 15 seconds that I've ever completed, EVER! And I just went for it and now I'm doing it. Idk, it just all feels great! I'm excited to keep working though and keep building.

Q: The music is absolutely brutal but it's so good. What inspired it?

I just love loud, aggressive and bassy sounds. I'm a fan of noise music and all forms of experimental and industrial music. I kind of grew up listening to a lot of the weirder or louder stuff. In my late teens I was listening to a lot of Squarepusher, Venetian Snares, Aphex Twin of course, Autechre, Xanopticon, and a lot more. Those were the most developmental years of my artistic approach for sure. I'm also, if you couldn't tell by now, a big fan of misusing things artistically. That's just my flavor. I know some people turn the other way because my music is clipping +3, and all the sounds are basically destroyed... but I love it and there are those that do as well. Just do what you like! The ones who you attract are real. The ones you don't are not taking up space in your audience on their phones while you're playing a set. The ones you attract will be present in the moment with you. Learn the rules of course, then bend or break them as you please. Do what ya like!

Q: Where can people go to stay in the loop with what you're doing?

Instagram is good for anything visual related minus full length projects like music visuals and stuff like that. I usually post teasers on IG first before any other platform. I'm still learning what people want to see from me on IG but it's primarily content. Cover arts, teasers, photos, etc.

Twitter is good for updates, new music, links to astralakt related things, some uplifting words of encouragement, or anything else text related.

My visual projects usually premiere on YouTube. I also post teasers there. I'm still growing my channel and trying to figure out what my audience there looks like and what they want.

Email is best for getting at me directly.

My music including underground tracks that aren't on spotify or anywhere else can be found on my soundcloud, however, my official releases can also be found on all major streaming platforms.

"S l e e p" will premiere on YouTube at 12am Los Angeles time on 02.20.20.

You can find the premiere page here.

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